22 June, 2015

June Favourites

Been a while eh ? ;)

Since my 2nd year of uni has finished, I have been juggling two jobs and still am. It's hard, but you can do so much more when you have some money behind you :) 
I thought I would come back to blogging all refreshed from uni, so here I am with some June favourites :) 

Favourite Outfit:
Jeans: M&S
Shoes: Primark
Shirt: River Island
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Hat: H&M 

The back of this River Island shirt is so beautiful I love how it buttons up at the back, so unique :)

Favourite Beauty: 
Collection Brow Palette - so good, so cheap
Rimmel Vintage Pink Lipstick - perfect everyday colour for me.

These New Look shoes are so quirky and old fashioned but I love them to pieces - so hard to style though! Any suggestions? 

Hope you enjoyed the post!
Should be more soon :)

Morag x