08 April, 2015


You can tell me and Julie are struggling at the moment, as we both haven't found the time to blog. 

I really love blogging, I love it for many reasons: sharing my passion for things, connecting with people, and just expressing myself. However I have let myself down recently and not organised my time as well as I could, and it has left me stressed.

The plus side is, I am half way through my Easter break and I am so happy I came home to the full three weeks. Numerous reasons have made me happy, for instance having a decent size desk to work from is actually the bee's knees! Also I hadn't seen my family and friends from home in over 10 weeks! and it was starting to get to me. Not having to plan how strictly I spend my money at home is also a big relief.

Anyway I feel a lot better and less stressed, no late hand ins for me! I've got this! and I feel so much better now I'm getting lots of work done, and also making sure I take time to see my friends who I have missed. 

SOOOO I have a few tips for staying stress free as I know it's getting to exam/hand in time for most people too!

1.) Make a to do list every day. Obviously you don't have to write it down, but this helps some people. I find these really good so I can see what tasks I need to complete that day to remain on target. 
2.) Get Dressed. This may seem really silly, but if I don't get dressed I'm not at all productive with my day, and if I'm not productive I'll feel more stressed for wasting a day where I could have been working. (obviously you're allowed a day off every now and then...) 
3.)Take breaks. Like just said, if you've worked really hard and remained on target for a few days take a day off. This gives you're brain a chance to switch off, and when you come back to your work you'll feel a lot more refreshed. I normally take a day off to see Sean and his family, if friends want to meet up I make sure I say yes, and organise myself to do work around it. If I have too much going on in a week, I will say no though. It's all about balance and what you can manage. I find I am more productive if I'm busy, and I like to be busy, but don't get me wrong I need my pamper days too ;) I'm not someone who believes in the work for half hour and have five minutes to yourself sort of person, I like to work for 3-4 hours straight and have an hour break then straight back to work for another 3-4 hours until all my tasks for the day are done. If i'm in a motivated mood then I'll push myself to do more. Breaks are all personal preference so I'm not going to tell you when to break, just make sure you let your brain relax ;)
4.)Take Baths or Showers. I really love having a bath, I completely switch off in the bath it's even better with a bath bomb! I know they're not to everyone's taste but it is really relaxing and pampering to clean yourself.
5.)Have decent meals. As a student myself, I am not going to tell anyone that is stressed to eat clean. I actually found when I was super stressed that eating unhealthy was better than not eating at all. I was so work focussed that I was almost forgetting to eat, which is bad. So have some nutrients! it's better than none! If it's clean you're probably going to feel better about life but if not don't panic.
6.)Make time to see friends or family. Don't distance people too much because of work. Talk to them if you're stressed, everyone gets stressed at some point in their lives, ask what works for them. 
7.)Treat yourself. Been working hard for a few hours, how about that cupcake you saved in the fridge? ;) I won't tell. 

That's really it, so if you're stressed. Don't panic take a day off pamper yourself, relax. Plan your time for the next few days. 

I'm now back on track with things, I'm eating healthier and back on my diet :) I'm either halfway or almost done with my reports, I'm making time to see old friends, (see you Monday hopefully Julie ;) ) I'm having quality time with my family, I'm seeing Sean and his family, preparing myself for Summer, and finding time to do things I want to do :) all very cheaply too.

and I've also found that I procrastinate either when I feel super lazy, or when I feel I need a break from work.

Obviously not everyone works the same way and you might find this to be a complete load of bull. It works for me so I thought I would share :)

Don't push yourself too much guys
peace out ;)

Morag x  

PS a good cuddle also helps... Seannnnnn ;)