10 March, 2015

March Wants:

1.) Co ord set - Missguided £20
2.) Shorts - Boohoo £12
3.) Gingham Smock Dress - Boohoo £8
4.) Vertical stripe shirt - H&M £14.99
5.) Pinafore Dress - Boohoo £20
6.) Boots - Asos £88.50

Ah nothing like procrastinating from craploads of uni work with window shopping. 
Especially when I have loads of money  no money. 

Firstly it is finally Spring :')!! Hello my dear friend, Sun. 

To the want list!

This co ord set though is one of the cutest things I have clamped eyes on for a while. Woah I want it so bad <3 when I have monies *sigh*

The shorts I actually have in mind of buying for Festival season. Oh yes, I have started to think about the outfits, and a bum bag has been purchased, ready for dancing! This gingham smock dress has also caught my eye for festival season. NOTHING BETTER THAN A SLOUCHY SMOCK DRESS... to run round a festival in with no worries of it riding up and no worries of it showing everything you have just digested... overall fab idea and should still  make you look cute (bonus!) 

The pinafore dress is a staple something which I do not own. It would be perfect to place over some of my tops. As for the shirt I would love to tuck it into any future denim shorts I own. (I own none so far this year) or for interviews or with the pinafore dress. So many ways to wear it!    
These boots. Urgh. Beautiful. I want them so much too! 

Sorry for not posting in ages! (So sososososo much work on atm for both Me and Julie) 

Morag x