08 February, 2015

Let's Kick It

Starting to feel better in life...

I started to improve my diet and fitness before Christmas and I picked it up again in January. 
I am someone who can struggle to stay motivated - but out of all the times which I have told myself to go on a diet (there's been a lot of times) I have finally stuck to a diet now - Of course I am allowed treats and I do have off days ;) but I am staying motivated. Not only do I diet but I also work out at minimum twice a week, and go swimming when I can. How have I stayed motivated?
I have told both my best friend and my boyfriend, to tell me off when I'm about to eat something I shouldn't. (Yes I sulk like a 3 year old when it happens, but I know they're helping me.) 
I have a Pinterest board full of exercises, healthy recipes, and skinny people.
I meal plan 
and I generally enjoy watching what other people do to get fitter and take tips.

It is so hard to stay motivated when all I really want to do is eat cake all day... and I mean all day. 

I hope this helps to motivate some of you, if you're trying to get fitter.


Morag x

Ps. Primark work out stuff is actually pretty decent. (Their sports bras are the comfiest boobie holders around)