16 February, 2015

Fangirl - Florence Welch

Photos from Google.***

When the news spread she's releasing a new album soon, I started to listen to all the singles she has just released. I'm already hooked to "What Kind of Man".  This video has so many style crush moments for me. Most people who would see someone dancing round in dark green jeans and an off white shirt wouldn't think it's anything special, but I don't know it just makes me want to buy an off-white shirt. The main part of the video which I style crush is the bit when she is in the car and is wearing a maroon suit, similar above ^^^ woah. I want to now match my maroon blazer to maroon trousers, they were a classic bootleg too, a style that is starting to crop up more this year. 
I think she pulls off the women's suit thing well. There is nothing like wearing a suit. It makes you feel sophisticated, and has less restrictions than what most dresses do. It is also the perfect thing to wear to an interview and still convey your style too! You can dress it down to shabby chic, and also dress it up. I love how comfortable she looks in them and I totally understand picking a suit over a dress sometimes!
I did some digging and found a similar on ASOS!

Morag x