27 January, 2015

Valentine's Day Ideas.

SO here it is. My annual gift ideas for Valentines day/what sort of things I would wear/do/use. 
(bit of a mix)

Sadly this year I'm not celebrating Valentine's Day. Me and Sean are not particularly keen on the idea and it also runs very close to our anniversary which we spoilt each other on... So we'll sit this one out. HOWEVER I do still plan to get a card as I am a smushy person. 

1.) Britney Spears Perfume - Fantasy. Amazon £18.95 This perfume has the most sweetest smell. If I could crush up every biscuit I love and wear it. It would be this. I always like to smell nice. Don't always succeed ;) however it is a great perfume and is perfectly suited as a gift or if going out. 
2.) Scrapbook - Paperchase. £8.50 I think this is the most cutest idea of a gift. Not just for valentines day. Any day any event. ANYTHING. It does take a lot of time to complete but completely worth it, and shows that you really put the effort in. A scrapbook full of all your fun times together. Then you can spend ages flicking through it together.
3.) Rose Queen - Lush £2.75 Nothing better than having a bath with your loved one, or relaxing alone. So why not add a little fun to it? ;) Roses smell making it perfectly clich√© for Valentines Day. 
4.) White Musk Giftset - Body Shop £15 Quite an adult smell. However it is also a very sexy smell. Perfect to use before a cheeky date, gift to yourself, or a gift to someone else. 
5.) Red Velvet Dress - Asos £28 I absolutely adore this dress. It looks so complimenting, and is also in one of my favourite fabrics. Urgh get on me dress. I would style this perfect dress for a date night with some flats (as heels don't happen in my land) nude lip, smokey eye, and a long black coat. 
6.) Sweet Potato Card - Urban Outfitters £3.50 CUTEST CARD EVER. I love cringey/joke cards like this. 
7.) Naked Palette 3 - Amazon £51.98 I would gift this. However if you already own the Naked Palette 3. I would use this to create your eye make up for the night, I would put the plum colour in the crease and have a pale colour on the lid. I think other palettes have similar colours. Really romantic colours in this Palette though. 
8.) Fresh Cut Roses Yankee Candle - Amazon £14.98 A classic. This appeared on my suggestions last year. It's a keeper haha ;) Perfect for your home.
9.) Boux Avenue Set:
     Bra £10
     Knickers £16
     Suspender Belt £14 (alternative)
Now I love to wear matching underwear. (not everyday as I am not made of money to fork out for matching knickers each time.) When I do wear matching underwear though I do feel a lot more better about myself, I do get a confidence boost, and I also know that I am not ashamed to show off this matching set compared to my granny pants. (which are so cushty no judge)
10.)  Hearts (Dark) - Hotel Chocolat £6.50 A gift to yourself, or a gift to your other. I absolutely love Hotel Chocolat. They do nail the art of chocolate. I take my hat off to you ;)
11.) 6 Macaroons - Betty's £8. currently dribbling. (Great gift)
12.) Sex Bomb - Lush £3.35 Again this was on here last year. I love the smell of this, would totally use it to relax before a date. Share with my love, or to share with my bath duckies. Cannot express how much I love this one. **** Personal Fave****

  Anyway my lovelies, I hope this was helpful to you all. I know Valentines Day is a while away but some people like to prepare ahead ;) 

Much Love 

Morag x