18 January, 2015


* Picture taken from last year

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE (could it get any later?)
So it's been ages since either me or Julie has posted. January deadlines are the worst.
Overall this past year has been pretty damn good for me and for Juliekins. Julie got into Uni this year in LONDON!?!??! would you believe (go girl!) and I am entering my second year.
I do love to look back on my year, it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy haha ;) Christmas at home was the perfect way to bring the best year so far to an end.
My main regret about 2014 was choosing the wrong people to live with for half of this year...
The main thing I loved about 2014 was experiencing looking after myself away from home. Of course there is a lot more than that like mine and Sean's adventures, and going to a festival and seeing Artic Monkeys and making new friends. Being independent is by far the main thing. Anyway I thought I would share with you a few resolutions I have made for this year:

1.) Lose weight - a classic, but I have never been so motivated in my life.
I have started getting graze boxes, if you want your first and fifth boxes free, lemme know and I shall give you a code. They're incredible. I also don't eat out as much, and make a lot of things like granola from scratch now. I do keep a food diary too! Plus I do a lot of walking, and a few workouts! Generally I have cut back on a lot of what I used to eat. Here's to looking shit hot this summer!  

2.) Save monies. Pretty simple.
3.) Travel more - this shall forever be on my resolutions until I find some money to get away. #studentlyf
4.) Explore more of my home (Oxford/Southampton)

5.) Be a more active blogger. I'm talking outfit posts, beauty posts, aspirations, what we're up to posts, organisation posts, DIY posts, and food posts. To make this happen though I need to start taking my camera around with me more. I want to make this blog full of memories, and be really interesting for all of you too! 

These are my resolutions for this year. I can tell you that I'm trying my best to stick to them!
Do you have any resolutions? 

Morag x