24 February, 2014

LFW Part 2


 At the event, I was so inspired by what everyone was wearing...it had to be credited and documented! One of my favourites of the day was this lovely girl's outfit, who headlines this post in a chiffon mellow pink maxi skirt and retro paisley print jacket. I almost want to recreate this whole look...exactly! And that is something I never do! But ah those lust for lavender cat-eye shades and squeaky clean white platform creepers are really just a sensational match! -I must move on... :')
So I decided to show off a bit of 'inner zebra'- that sounds a bit odd D:, choosing to wear my 'bought-years-ago-and-never-to-be-worn-till-today' SeeUsoon zebra wool coat' which I can't quite make out if it looks a tad too oversized, with my multi-coloured top and tartan skirt! And as for make-up, I went for a simple rose gold/fig smoky eye (I'm trying to find every excuse to implement the totally awesome word 'fig' into everything :P) and a simple wing using trusty ol' Rimmel's Liquid eyeliner.
And since I've been simply hogging this blog way too much, it's over to you M :D

Thanks to everyone who starred on today's blog!

21 February, 2014

LFW Part 1

So on Thursday, and for the very first time too surprisingly, I headed to the LFW event at Somerset House.

'Ahhh we're here!'- Pascale

'Pascale...did I hear that you were hungry?'- Me

'Feel free to try on some glasses and we can take some fun snaps of yous all'- LFW representative

'...all ya need is resurrection dust! Shall I show ya?' - LFW representative
'I think I might just need these in my life...' -Me
'When I was age 14, I started putting together my first collection' - Maria Grachvogel
'OMG these are the one!'- Visitor
'Actually they're 'the pair' and OMG I totally agree!'- Me

(Visitor raises her eyebrow as if I've just given her a crude, sarcastic remark...like jeez! I am just being honest! Haha! ;) )

Look forward to a part 2, including some outfit snaps of what we wore, and some nifty street style snaps of what other people at the event wore too! :D

Hope you guys are having a great week,



15 February, 2014

07 February, 2014

One day trip: Travelling afar

I’ve taken to doing a consecutive blog post as I’m heading to Germany with art foundation in a few days and will be unable to post there! D:...:D So here it is:




There are certain items I reach for during an afar trip out. The first has been Benefit’s Porefessional; and yes I am slightly slow on the bandwagon with discovering this, and so I’m pretty sure every blogger out there will know and agree, that it is a fricking amazing primer! I generally ditch doing my make-up till I hit the road, if it’s an early wake. So I just slap on a bit of this before my foundation, and I’m good to go! :D.  Other random things like blotting paper (used to remove excess oil off our faces without smearing our make-up) plus body spray/perfume and little snacks like a tasty pack of fig rolls are also spotted in my bag on day trips out. Plus make sure to grab a favourite book/magazine to unwind after that tiresome day out!

Hope you guys are all well and I’ll see you in a week! :D



04 February, 2014

Julie's Monthly Favourites


 Throughout January I have accumulated a few items, which, I may not go as far as calling them life-changing- though it’s pretty close! ;) I freaking love the film Adaptations directed by Spike Jonze, who really captures, precisely, the societal life choices and plausible emotions within the main character Charlie. I also managed to catch Black Swan on TV, which literally has left imprints in my head- certainly a psychological thriller! Have you guys seen it? And as for fashion favourites, I picked up this Multi-colour Bohemian Top at a charity shop last month, and, well a tear just dropped- it’s just so beautiful! ;)


What have you guys been loving recently? I’d love to hear! J