06 December, 2014


8.) Urbanears

Me againnnn ;)!!!!

Sadly I already pretty much know what I am getting for Christmas as I have decided to build my own two screen desktop set up. So most of my Christmas presents are computer parts. Don't get me wrong. I'm excited to get them :P! (Release the nerd in me) HOWEVER I will be saving my own monies up for these other beauties in the future. 

I have always wanted to read it by Alexa Chung. It's had so many good reviews! 
As for my cute heart tray, some of you may have seen that in my homeware wants. I always eat in my bedroom! Although next year I will be eating in a living room I still want trays, they'll be so handy and I will always need them. 
As for all the Lush stuff.. who doesn't love a good relax with some nice products?
For the handbag, my favourite brown bag strap has recently broke :( I really love the long strap on bags too, so I really want a replacement :P
Now paper straws is a funny one ;) but I bloody love them! They're so cheap too!
BONBON by Viktor Rolf is the sweetest and best perfume to ever touch my skin (Apart from Love by Chloé) It has a really girly smell to it, and IT STAYS ON MY SKIN ALL DAY! had so many compliments when I wore it (My sister gave me the tester sample for it)
As for Urbanears I think these are the coolest looking headphones. They do such nice colours too. 
Finally I love the idea of storing all my lip products on show, so I can see them all!

Hope you enjoyed this post - 
These might also make great presents for other people :)

Thank God it's still the weekend :)! So much to do! 

 Morag x