23 December, 2014

BLOGMAS DAY 23: Wrapping Present Junk Style.

Firstly I had all of these things nearby and ready: (and scissors ofc)
1.) Sellotape
2.) Gift tags
3.) wrapping paper and parcel paper
4.) Gift bags
5.) A paper gift bag
6.) wine bags
7.) paper bows
8.) bubble wrap

 I also had some bakers twine to tie up all the presents in a traditional cute way ;) 

I always like to wrap glass objects in bubble wrap just to be sure ;)

And the small gift bags I use to throw bits and bobs in. For example I had some free tea samples given to me, so I split them up between my family and put them in the bags.
Now these next few pictures show how I wrap a present. For if anyone doesn't know? as long as it's a nightmare to get into, you're doing well at wrapping ;)

This present turned out the best! Fortunately it's going to Sean's family too! :D

I spent 3 hours straight of wrapping these two pictures are the result. 

I was watching Home Alone 2 at the same time though ;)

hope this is helpful!

Morag x