02 December, 2014

BLOGMAS DAY 2: Stocking Filler Guide:

ALL ARE FROM AMAZON: (Might be elsewhere cheaper/ Prices may have changed)
£6.95: Sweet Hamper
£7.47: Candle
£7.01: Toothbrush
£1.97: Post-it-notes
£1.87: Shampoo
£2.99: Pens

Yes please don't feel the need to tell me if the prices have changed since when I got them, they shouldn't change too much, but please just use this as a rough guide.
           I always thought a stocking should be full of fairly cheap/useful stuff. Now a little insight into what my family do for stockings - basically it's all left down to my Mum, she has to sort out 6 stockings as I have 3 siblings, and then herself and my dad have one too. So she really does aim for cheap, handy and also something we all like too. It's almost a weird tradition for us all to get a toothbrush each year in one. Hence why I put it in the guide, in case any of you were wondering. haha ;) From my own experience you can never have enough pens. Especially when you let other people borrow them! and post it notes they are so helpful! A portable charger is a great stocking filler, as it is a really small present but also something that will always get used - I have a white one of these and it is perfect for festivals and travelling! I also threw in a USB as Amazon have loads of crazy ones: and I can't imagine anyone turning their nose up at a USB stick. Shampoo's/Conditioner/Bodywash is another tradition in my family - I think this is a great idea, especially as you can spend as little or as much as you like on it. For example Both my brothers are really into Molton Brown, so they normally get a shower gel from them in their stockings. (Molton Brown is quite pricey... but smells so gooooood) 
I chose a candle too, because these are easily compact so they should fit in, and they're great for people who love candles (obviously ;) ) Plus they don't break the bank either! Finally I picked out a sweet hamper. Now if I was sat doing lots of stockings I would buy a big hamper of sweets and split them out... IF your family are not fussy. If they are you're safer to buy individual sweets and chocolate. 

I know that when I do Christmas presents I like to pad them out with handy stuff like this! 
Hope you found this useful! See you tomorrow my lovelies :D 

Morag x