15 December, 2014

BLOGMAS DAY 14: Christmas Party Part 1

Morag got drunk, missed a blogmas upload, and is now hating Monday. 
I should not have drank so much. Bad Morag. 

In other news, I'm very sorry I missed a day, hence why you will be getting two today :) I didn't think I would be crashing at my friends house... but I was wrong. 
So yesterday was pretty damn good :) It was my friend group in Southampton's Christmas Party.
It started off with me and my best friend Holly switching gifts - she spoilt me rotten! Urban Outfitters bag, a gorgeous dress, candles and a MINK PINK dress :D! (and a cocktail book which I don't want to see for a while) 
We then had a gorgeous roast gammon as our Christmas meal and it was just nice to be merry around the ones I love here before trudging back to Oxford :) 

Happy Monday :) 

PS cutest picture I have yet of Sean :P