10 December, 2014

BLOGMAS DAY 10: Christmas Party Make Up:

For this look I did Straighten my hair using my Nicky Clarke straighteners. This brand I can never fault, as my straighteners are yet to let me down after the 5-6 years of owning them.
To straighten my hair I use this Pantene Pro V heat protector which smells incredible. Brush my hair then straighten. After which I run through some argon oil then apply hairspray - curls like mine like to creep back at any second.  
For my face I put on the Maybelline dream matte mousse, followed by my Maybelline concealer, under the eye area, and other problem areas. My cheek bones then get defined by the enhance bronzer (Which is a gorgeous colour) and then my Milani baked blush on the cheeks. 
I then blend everything and matte-ify my face with the Rimmel stay matte translucent powder.
My eyebrows then get done with this brow kit by Collection. 
I hope this is a lot easier to see... but for my eyes...
1.) Bobby brown palette - the lightest pink and purple colour in the corner of the eye.
2.) dabbed bright purple colour from the MUA palette.
3.) Followed by the darker purple in the outer corner.
4.) Both the naked palette and MUA palette put in the crease and out corner.
5.) Blend. 
6.) Take the darker purple colour and re-work this in crease so it has a purpley smoke.
7.) To finish the eyes off, add a black eyeliner on and flick it, I used liquid liner by No7. and as many mascaras that you have. 
8.) To complete the look I just finished off with a nude lip, but any colour lip can be used. 

Morag x