05 November, 2014

Retro Space Age: My October Wishlist of 2014!

1. MOTEL Swallow Tail Slip Dress, £35
a) Raspberry Satin b) Midnight Blue Satin

2. & OTHER STORIES A-S Davik Large Leather Bag, £165

3. KA'OIR Platinum Lipstick, $15.99 (Ships worldwide)

4. ETSY NWT Vtg. 90s Magenta Orange Shaggy Checkered Faux Fur Coat, £144.52

5. NASTYGAL Jeffrey Campbell Quigley Leather Boot, £137.99

6. ASOS Glamorous Petite Leather Look Legging, £15 on sale!

7. & OTHER STORIES Leather Flats, £79

8.Motel Vinnie Cami Dress in Oriental Dragon, £19

Regarding my this month's wishes and wants, it's all a little bit mismatched really! Join in the spontaneity and let me know what your most exuberant pairing of clothing items are! 

I love comparing this to last year's selection and seeing such a wonderful evolution! ;) Click here to check it out: http://junkjournal100.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/october-wishlist-2013.html

Hope all is well,

Lots O Love