20 October, 2014

Why Autumn Makes Me Happy?

Hello again lovelies! (totally stole some images from Google - sorry) 
So you're probably thinking, another Autumn related post?!?!?! but honest to god, it is my favourite time of the year. Seeing the leaves change colour really does make me happy - (don't judge) As I'm not crazy busy with uni work yet, I have time to blog atm! :) yay! still waiting for good weather for outfit post though :(  

I am so excited for the weeks ahead and plan to document it all! Halloween isn't much of a big deal to me, however I do plan on going out so that should be fun ;) 

SO Why does Autumn make me happy... I love hot chocolates that warm you up because it's cold outside, I love pumpkin carving because it's still a pretty new thing to me... I love having a hot bath in the evening and using seasonal Lush stuff ;) I love putting loads of fairy lights on. Hopefully I will love lighting candles in my room too - again I'm new to this because I am scarily clumsy, but I want my room to smell good! I love snuggling in bed. I love hearty home meals. I love that feeling in the morning where I don't want to leave my bed. I love knowing that it is getting closer to Christmas. I love walking on pretty coloured leaves in my boots. I love slippers. I love the fresh feeling each day, and I just love Autumn.

Do you like Autumn? or is it Fall to you ;)? 
Happy Monday :) 
Morag x