06 October, 2014

Really Quick Carbonara!

Sharing one of the best recipes ever that I learnt from a friend! I managed to whip it up in under 15 minutes! 

Pasta of choice (screw spaghetti... unless you want that.)
milk roughly 250ml for two/three people.
sprinkle of flour
parmesan cheese
black pepper 

1.) Chop mushrooms, onion and bacon up. Fry in a pan with some butter and crushed garlic. (I had no mushrooms or peas for this - student life :( ) Also get a pan of water on the hob, and add pasta when boiling
2.) Get the other ingredients ready, whilst the bacon and shizzle is browning off :P WARNING it's going to smell pretty good at this stage. 
3.) once the onions and bacon have browned off nicely and your pasta is on, add quite a big chunk of butter to the pan.    

1.) What a brilliant blurry picture, anyways! Add the sprinkle of flour, it should stick to the melted butter, creating a roux. It will look like the bacon and onion etc has little blobs of the melted butter flour mixture on. 
2.) Add milk! and stir ;)
3.) It should start to go a more creamier colour and also start thickening up (after a few minutes) I also added a sprinkle of parmesan here with the black pepper.(not too much though) Once thick enough remove from heat, and make sure pasta is also cooked then mix the two together and you have your easy carbonara. (I made enough for 3 servings, so two are being froze)

(Sprinkled more parmesan and black pepper on top.. mmm)

Too good with this blurry picture thing. I added some leaves to mine after realising the only healthy thing in it was onion. It isn't the healthiest recipe in the world so don't shoot me for that, but it is super quick and easy! Disclaimer, it is also my friends recipe (which she probably got from a book) that she taught me, so... not my recipe. Just sharing the knowledge. 
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 Let me know what you think!! :D

Morag x