11 October, 2014


Hellooo again! Back to share a few things that caught my eye on boohoo atm! They have a massive sale on, and it's worth checking out :) These are some of the things I'm considering getting ;) A little update however; I have had such a nice busy week so far. Went to the student lock in as usual (went last year) and spent quite a lot of dollar :( however I think I'm about to treat myself again on boohoo... ah well ;) The student lock in was brilliant, managed to get myself a new dress for £10 :D! and also a cosy hoody for mooching round the house in, cause... IT'S GETTING CHILLY HERE :D! (aka it's Christmas soon :P) I also got some free melon vodka and free tea yay! with that though I purchased some hot choccie and I think that will become part of a present, DIY soon guys ;) Appart from that, yesterday I went round my friends house for a roast dinner, and it's always nice to sit and have a roast with your friends as it is one of those home comforts I always miss. Finally Uni is going well so far, so much more challenging, but I can take it on! 

Hope you guys are having a smashing weekend :) ! 

Morag x