03 October, 2014

Back at Uni via Instagram:

1.) So I fell Ill with a cold a few days ago (damn freshers), been really sniffly, but still fighting my way to lectures, and Sean bought me some super cute flowers and chocolate as a get well soon. He really cheered me up.
2.) So as most of you know my Uni room is a sanctuary in my opinion and these fairy lights, with help from amazon ;) have been making it extra homely, and comfortable. I don't even miss home yet. (I miss my Mum a little though because she's the best.)
1.) Since my return upon Southampton, I have had to visit my favourite cocktail bar. (almost daily) Yes Turtle Bay is back in my life. This Rum Runner is just incredible. If you ever get the chance to go to Turtle Bay go. It's just the best!
2.) So you know about my short hair, but BAM I dyed it back gingery brown, I love how you don't have to use as much product for short hair! win win win!

 1.) This RIMMEL Foundation is life changing. For the price I can vouch that this is one of the best purchases in my life so far. It shows no signs of sweating or falling off your face, and it is currently doing a great job of hiding how tired/ill I look at uni atm! AND IT COVERS EVERYTHING! /definitely a great foundation, and a great investment.
2.) As shown earlier, my room! I'm so in love with it, and it's staying tidy!  
1.) Classic Autumn, boots are on and a red leaf picture. I love this time of the year more than anything! 
2.) Re-united with this cute doggy :') 

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As for the update, I have missed Southampton so much! and I'm already feeling the stress from the first week of being a second year! University is harder than it looks :( But I'm ready for this and know I can smash it! There is absolutely nothing to stop me from doing well and I am ready to focus more. 
On top of starting University, I have started Christmas Shopping. Mostly because when I go out shopping atm to go treat myself, I end up finding something my friend would appreciate more. I also don't know what it is with shops atm either, but I am completely uninterested in any trends, or current clothes they have either (which is strange for me.) Hopefully something will grab my eye soon though! I'm just waiting to hop on the next trend I like :)!

Anyway what a draggy post eh ;)? Has everyone had a good week so far? 

Hope you have :)! 

Morag x