18 October, 2014

Autumn Beauty:

SO firstly most of these are drug store products, as I can't afford much! 
My first Autumn time product I recommend is the: COLLECTION Eyebrow kit. Woah this beauty has the perfect shadow for my eyebrows, not only does this kit contain 3 great shadows for brows, but also an angled brush, and setting gel! Brilliant for under £3.
Secondly my current face products include: RIMMEL Wake Me Up Concealer, this beauty keeps me looking wide awake especially in the colder months where all I want to do is sleep. This gets used on top of my really lightweight foundation (depending on how spotty I am...) The Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, so light weight and easy to blend into my skin. Finally the stuff that keeps my face of make up in line all day is the RIMMEL Stay Matte Powder. I realise I talk a lot about my Naked palette but woah, Urban Decay palettes blow your eyes off. Nothing compares to this. Favourite autumnal shades atm are Buck and Hustle. The Urban Decay Naked Pallette shadows sit on my eyes a lot of the time, however these two shades get featured more in Autumn/Winter. As for Autumny lips, I try to rock either a purple, maroon or deep red. My most recent obsession being a vintage pink colour by RIMMEL moisture renew. Which is basically purple, pair this with Maybelline baby lips (I got the grape one) to add an extra tint. This is my go to lip atm. If not this I try and do a much darker colour and go for my RIMMEL Apocalips in eclipse. I like doing these lips with quite a natural eye make up so the lips really pop. Other Eye products I get excited about is: the Urban Decay eye potion, as I tend to wear more shadow in Autumn Winter. No 7 Eye Liner as I also love a cat flick sometimes... (most of the time) and RIMMEL Wonder'full mascara as it really lengthens my lashes and say goodbye to clumps. Other autumn favourites for me right now is this Argon oil for your hair, makes it so soft and shiny... I don't know the brand but I got it from super drug if it helps :) my toner is actually a really cheap one from boots. My oh my it smells so floral! :') And this pencil brush has been perfect for getting in my crease from The Vintage Company.

And that's it ;) What are your Autumn beaty must haves? 

Morag x