13 August, 2014

'Aving A Blast In Birmingham

We did it! All these stills displaying me and my mother's visit to virtually all of Birmingham's attractions! -Minus Cadbury's World which will be happening one day people! ;) I was lured in to visiting Birmingham after hearing about the 'As Exciting As We Can Make it' exhibition that was on at the Ikon Gallery. The Vibrating Forest (shown above) was there and, oh my! Was this a piece of fascinating steel work and candy! I also stood before Bernard Bazile's 1979 Perspex test tube for as long as that diamond needed, until a perhaps slightly concerned member of staff started approaching...my nose was touching the art, a little bit intimate, I know! Haha ;)

I urge all of you guys to have a crazy, compact day out!! And to pick up a 'Fuel' Drink known as The Green Goddess, if you may- I insist!