20 July, 2014

TRUCK Festival:

One of the best weekends of my life. Great festival, great music, great friends. 

 Hello, back again with more Summertime antics. 
TRUCK festival is the closest/ most decent music festival to where I am. I must say it was a corker of a weekend. From drinking games, fruity shisha, to rocking out to The Cribs on Friday. Followed by an evening entering the 7th Dimension. What was so great about this festival was finding new music! I have a little list of bands in my head that I want to listen to more! There was also a crazy paint party on Saturday, for which I threw on the biggest white top I had and it ended up splashed in multiple colours :') down side the paint dried my hands up so much I didn't want to touch anything, which caused me to winge for a bit... oops ;) I'm packing moisturiser next time! TRUCK will definitely be seeing me next year! probably with the same people as it was so good, met some really great people! Festivals are such fun, how nobody gives a crap, where you come from, what you look like, or even what you wear. You're all in the same boat of smelling bad and looking rough! but also for enjoying the music and atmosphere, and if you're there for the helta skelta, you can jog on ;) Overall such a good festival, who knows might even go to a bigger one as well next year! and if you haven't been to a festival yet! then go.. so much fun!

Can't wait to get my new camera's pictures developed!

Stay Classy Lovelies!
Morag x