14 July, 2014

The Big One Nine... such wow.

19 now :) hard to believe that Junk Journal is also 1 year old too... 

I was treated by Sean to my two favourite sweets.. Nerds and Strawberry and Creams :P am nam

Was given a gorgeous Kath Kidston Set :)

Vintage Camera too by Sean :) can't wait to play with it :P

Posh shampoo and conditioner and a scarf from Whistles :P

An incredible leather/coral make up bag my brothers got me! 

I was very spoilt yesterday and had a lovely 19th :) went and saw How to train your dragon 2 with Sean and was treated to lunch by him :) it was a lovely day and I'm so thankful to everyone :)! (More pics on my instagram see links...) 

Morag x