27 July, 2014

Dreamin' Hard

Being ambitious is the best quality anyone could have. 

Wolf Smock Print Dress: Asos Similar Here
Floral Crown: DIY tutorial
Heels: New Look

Hellllooooo Everyone! 
I have been super busy recently, rushing around preparing myself for moving in to my new house next year in Southampton, whilst juggling work, and also preparing lots of new blog posts. You know what though? I actually love being busy. Of course we all need the odd day just to chill out and gather yourself back together. After a week of travelling with Sean to, from and around Southampton. I'm thankful to have a day just to get back into the flow of things. I passed my first year of uni WAHAAYYY! and so I will be going back to do my second year in two months or so. I hope that it is a much more productive year. I doubt I will be going out as much and I definitely won't be commuting home as much, but I hope to get a job there, to go the extra mile on my course, and to also get fit. I think being busy and at least attempting/doing your aspirations is great, and I love people full of ambition. Hope everyone has has a good week :)

Keep Dreaming,

Morag x