12 May, 2014

Stress Relief

 It's a bit of a cheerleader chant fail! But here goes nothing- my A to D favourite go-to products for when we're feeling that little bit stressed!
A for Anti-blemish solutions clearing moisturiser
B for because magazine

C for Cleansing water by Garnier
and D for Del Monte
This was my first time trying out a Clinique product, and it certainly did not fail to please! It has helped amazingly with any blemishes or break outs that I have been experiencing during the busy college months. It's lightweight, almost water/gel like formula has now replaced my all-time favourite, the Garnier Soft Essential Day Cream. And ,okay, skipping to D I may also like to add that I am a little bit obsessed with Del Monte fruit juice, and have been told to drastically cut down by my dentist...or else D:...but think of the antioxidants and vitamins people! :D
Hope everyone's exams and last few day/weeks at uni/college are going well!