01 May, 2014

Little Miss J



Leather Collared Shirt- New Look
Zigzag Knitted Jumper-FOREVER21
Fur-Sleeved Pinstriped Coat- Rokit
Monochrome Tartan Skirt- Boohoo
Perforated Bowling Bag- Zara
White Frill Socks- ASOS
Black Block-Heeled Boots- Boohoo

Black shoes and frilly white socks: CHECK
Straw hat: CHECK
I'm loving this St Trinian-esque ensemble at the moment. You can get away with looking mysteriously 'rebel' and ' prefect' at the same time! I managed to root out this hat from deep underneath my bed, which in fact belonged to my 5-year-old self- I can't quite believe this myself! Anyway, s'cuse the wet hair...it was one of those days in England where after 5 minute sunshine there's 5 minute rain, and after the 5 minute rain there's ,well, another bit of sunshine! ;)
Hope you're all well,