16 April, 2014


 Hello Everyone!

So I'm actually getting better at being more regular at posting! Be proud :)! Now time to fill you lot in ;) 

So this was taken a while back when my boyfriend Sean... (who has just started a blog) came to stay with me for a week in Southampton. It was a lovely week full of lots of unhealthy food and even a bit of exploring. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen some of the cute places we found. Anyway on our mini expeditions we came across some beaitiful little cobbled area near the docks! Then we thought we'd have a crack at night time photography! Quite hard to get right, I must say :) We're planning to explore some more, I'll keep everyone updated on our travels. 

It was chilly this night so I had to whack on my H&M coat, New Look Boots, Hoody *, Primark Jeans, and New Look sequin top. This beautifully sequinned new look top has come out on a few nights out. I can definitely say it is a favourite of mine. For someone who doesn't wear much flashy stuff, I adore the top. 

Julie and I will be reuniting soon, so prepare for a joint post.

See you soon lovelies ;) 
Morag x