20 April, 2014

Classy Bird.

Interview Tips:

I'm back this time with a little outfit post shot in my room due to the rainy day :( and a couple of interview tips which I'm sure everyone knows but hey ho ;) I haven't got an interview coming up but I'm hoping to get one soon so I thought I would share with you my "office look".

Right so these shoes were a £15 baby pink heel bargain from M&S. I love M&S footwear it is incredible, I hope to buy some more heels from there for summer as for now I'm happy with these beauties. 
Trousers - ESSENTIAL. everyone should own a black pair of trousers flaired, peg leg... it doesn't matter. This or a black skirt is in my opinion essential to an interview outfit (depending on the job) These trousers were from Dorothy Perkins! They are a peg leg and I'm in love :) can't wait to wear them to my next interview whenever it is :) 
top - Now for this I think it's a good idea to have a more casual top... especially if you're wearing a blazer. If not a nice shirt would look nice :) This top is a Zara Basic white one :) it was under £8. The thing I love with Zara Basic is that their clothes are so sooooft :')!
Blazer. - Not necessary and maybe even a bit OTT. But I must say I feel happier knowing I own one now. You can wear a blazer casual or smart. So why not complete the interview or office look with one? Blazer was from Debenhams Collection. 

I played around with tops a bit and this nice scallop edged, lace Topshop beauty also fitted the job.

As for make up. I say keep it simple and clean/fresh faced. Make yourself look nice and awake and like you want the job ;) 



Morag x