18 April, 2014

Another guilty haul

Bag: Zara 
 'I love using this as a grab handbag.
The shorter straps placed on the shorter sides of the rectangle causes a crashing leather dip'

This month I decided to treat myself to a couple of cheeky purchases...placing quite a bit of emphasis on the 'couple' in that sentence! For some odd reason, it has taken me 8 long years for me to eventually find myself drooling over the Balenciaga Harness Platform Boot; and so after a serious pry on ebay, I got my hands on these amazing dupes!

Body Souffle: Boots
'Smells amazing!'

Face Moisturiser: Boots
'All time favourite. Should steer away...but not just yet...'

Gel Foundation/ Serum: Boots
'Light coverage foundation which feels great on the skin!'

Shampoo/Conditioner: Boots
'Leaves your hair shiny and silky (believe it :D)'

Book: Amazon
'Can't wait to read this!'
Biscuit: Tesco
'OH MY...this is like frickin heaven!'
Hope you guys are all well,