10 April, 2014

25 little things:

squinty eye ;)

Hey again everyone, I'm back with a little post to get to know me better. This post always floats around most of other blogs and I thought why not give it a go? 

SO! here is 25 little things about me:

1.) I study Web Design and Development and love every second of it
2.) I have never been given any flowers but I absolutely adore them to pieces. 
3.) I enjoy making my own things from scratch
4.) I love finding new bands to listen toooo! 
5.) I salute people who aren't constantly on their phone when with other people.
6.) Strawberries and Pasta are heaven
7.) Tangled is definitely top of my film list.
8.) I like most music. 
9.) Shopping is a dangerous habit of mine
10.) Julie and I have been friends since Primary School and studied Art together in sixth form. 
11.) I hate judgemental people... 
12.) I love cute old places.
13.) I have an extreme urge to just get up and travel one day. I hope that day will come.
14.) I don't think smoking is attractive. 
15.) I love people full of ambition 
16.) In possession of too many socks
17.) I have a weird obsession with jars. 
18.) Blue eyes mate. 
19.) Believer in the.."You can never have too many nail polishes" AMEN. 
20.) I used to own the most adorable rabbit
21.) I love photography
22.) I want a pet dog called Alfred
23.) My favourite hobby is sleeping
24.) I enjoy doing new things and going new places. 
25.) I always try to put 100% into everything... 
 Morag x