08 March, 2014

My Year So Far In Instagram:

 1.) Springtime daffodils make me happy :)
2.) Having to wrap up on cold rainy days
1.+2.) A Review for SAMMYdress. 

1.) First ever wagamama 
2.) Latest Flower Crown Made
 1.) Bowling in Soton
2.) An Old Photo with Some Friends I miss.
 1.) My Hair will always be curly. sigh
2.) IKEA cake :P
1.) Costa cuteness
2.) Rose Garden Nails

1.) Sprinkles, white chocolate and strawberries waffle!!
2.) A letter and poem I got on Valentines day :P

1.) Treats out with Sean, found a great Tapas place!
2.) Cute knitted hearts hanging off the trees in Soton

1.) Nightime walk with Sean
2.) Hello Diet!
1.) Inspiration for latest post!
2.) Green Tea is amazing :P

Hope you enjoyed looking back with me,
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Enjoy your weekend :)

Morag x