22 March, 2014

Born Pretty Review- Concise PU Band Wrist Watch* PLUS RECEIVE 10% OFF WITH CODE INC.



 This in fact Male (White) Concise PU Band Wrist Watch (also available with a thinner strap (Female) and with a black clock face (Black)) is the perfect, versatile watch for any man or woman to have. It's minimalist detail allows you to mix and match with more louder, colourful accessories (alike shown above). It can also be paired with a formal shirt or suit thanks to it's classic aesthetic, giving it an edge of sophistication which makes it ideal for work wear! Otherwise why not strap this to your wrist amongst more playful, clashing numbers? It will make the outfit that slight bit more subdued and interesting. I love the fact it is monochromatic too as, lets face it, black and white goes with simply anything! Anyway, I really am forgetting the most important feature of this watch and that is- IT WILL CHANGE YOU! No just kidding! Though as a matter of fact I have become so much more organised with my time keeping whilst on the move! Oh yes! ;) Plus, it's so affordable,costing only £3.43/$5.66 alongside efficient delivery to add to this!
Born Pretty is an online store which sells watches, phone cases, beauty products and much more! Use this code JUPHC10 to obtain 10% off ANYTHING IN STORE with FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE! Enjoy! :D
 This could be yours ;) ...
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