24 February, 2014

LFW Part 2


 At the event, I was so inspired by what everyone was wearing...it had to be credited and documented! One of my favourites of the day was this lovely girl's outfit, who headlines this post in a chiffon mellow pink maxi skirt and retro paisley print jacket. I almost want to recreate this whole look...exactly! And that is something I never do! But ah those lust for lavender cat-eye shades and squeaky clean white platform creepers are really just a sensational match! -I must move on... :')
So I decided to show off a bit of 'inner zebra'- that sounds a bit odd D:, choosing to wear my 'bought-years-ago-and-never-to-be-worn-till-today' SeeUsoon zebra wool coat' which I can't quite make out if it looks a tad too oversized, with my multi-coloured top and tartan skirt! And as for make-up, I went for a simple rose gold/fig smoky eye (I'm trying to find every excuse to implement the totally awesome word 'fig' into everything :P) and a simple wing using trusty ol' Rimmel's Liquid eyeliner.
And since I've been simply hogging this blog way too much, it's over to you M :D

Thanks to everyone who starred on today's blog!