21 February, 2014

LFW Part 1

So on Thursday, and for the very first time too surprisingly, I headed to the LFW event at Somerset House.

'Ahhh we're here!'- Pascale

'Pascale...did I hear that you were hungry?'- Me

'Feel free to try on some glasses and we can take some fun snaps of yous all'- LFW representative

'...all ya need is resurrection dust! Shall I show ya?' - LFW representative
'I think I might just need these in my life...' -Me
'When I was age 14, I started putting together my first collection' - Maria Grachvogel
'OMG these are the one!'- Visitor
'Actually they're 'the pair' and OMG I totally agree!'- Me

(Visitor raises her eyebrow as if I've just given her a crude, sarcastic remark...like jeez! I am just being honest! Haha! ;) )

Look forward to a part 2, including some outfit snaps of what we wore, and some nifty street style snaps of what other people at the event wore too! :D

Hope you guys are having a great week,