21 January, 2014

Rosegal 'Popcorn' Sweater Review

So here it is: a Rosegal ‘Popcorn’ Sweater beneath the surface of packaging (check out my last post if you wish!) It has become a brilliant staple to my wardrobe, living it up as a number to be worn morning-to-night, dressed up or down! ;) The key element to this minimal headline sweater is that it is cropped! It will elongate your legs to look super long with a pair of high waist shorts like these Evil Twin Moon and Star shorts that I am sporting above. It also provides that timeless sport chic look if you’re after something to wear on a more relaxed and casual day, matching it with my Zara black peg leg trouser and Converse. It almost reminds me of something drawn from Alexander Wang’s S/S 2014 collection- perhaps even inspired by it? So if you’re feeling like going all ‘Wang-ed’ out, feel free to pair it with a striped micro-mini skater skirt of your choice! ;) And on a final note, the slogan: ‘POPCORN’…I mean who doesn’t love the stuff! :D Num Num!
Thank you to RoseGal for the awesome sweater!
And for you guys, here’s the link to the RoseGal ‘Popcorn’ Sweater:

'A cosy day in drinking my current favourite bottles of Green Tea'



07 January, 2014

Black and White Floral:

Post New Year- A Trip to London

I couldn’t wait to visit ‘Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!’ exhibition as this starred many of Alexander McQueen’s garments that he had constructed, as well as Phillip Treacy’s renown headpieces (two of the many whom Issie had head-hunted).  Unfortunately it was the same old ‘no camera’s allowed’ so I guess this glitzy entrance piece will have to do. For my outfit on this day, I decided on ‘FLASH flower-power’ as my theme, after watching Alexander Wang’s S/S 2014 collection! I mean…what a show!  I threw on this neat Vintage Store jacket, which has this somewhat two-tone iridescence to it; pairing it with my co-ordinating mint socks, converse and American Apparel bag. Later on my sister and I headed to Winter Wonderland- it looked freaking amazing! I then came back to a little something from Sammy Dress and all I can say is thank you so so much!! Anyway, all to be revealed in the next post ;)
Hope you’re all well,

03 January, 2014


Hope everyone had a good Christmas and a good New Year. 
2013 has been an amazing year! I'm so glad Julie and I decided to start this blog in Summer!!! It has done so well and I could not be happier!  
My New Years Resolution is to lose weight as I have gained an unwanted belly at uni! so some healthy recipes will be appearing on the blog as well as more outfit posts, beauty posts and just keeping you all up to date with what we're both up to!
Hope 2014 is as good as 2013 :) 
Highlights of 2013:

Normal posts will happen soon:

Morag x

02 January, 2014

New Years Eve!

Happy New Year guys!

It’s officially 2014 (as I am late posting this) and, for this, I headed to friend’s house party! I decided to wear my purple suede mouse court platforms which I got from Schuh a couple of years back - they are literally the most comfy heels I own! Plus I decided to show some ‘sophisticated bling’ by wearing these with my Mango white blazer and Zara printed playsuit, as well its complementary partner…the Miss Selfridge cocktail ring! To think I rooted out all these pieces from 2-3 years back…Jeez, I’m quite the hoarder which moves nicely onto: Is anyone else one?
The night was so much fun, though staying up through the early morning for my 9am shift on New Year’s literally just did it for me! :/ ;)
Anyway, I would so love to hear what you guys did for New Years! :D