27 August, 2013

Holi (Festival of Colours) Outfit ft My Sister!

So yesterday I meant to put up my 18th birthday blog post for you all (woo I’m officially 18!! ;)) though I have annoyingly lost the USB lead allowing me to import them onto the computer! :/ Soo I thought…why not feature my sister’s exciting trip to London for the Holi Festival of Colours on the blog with a very own video she made! :D




I’ve never actually been to a festival before, but I really do think Lisa has totally nailed the whole festival vibe in her look!! Congrats sis-you passed! Haha! ;) A white top to act as a blank canvas along with brightly coloured jewellery in serious mass quantities (only to match her very own rainbow nails of course ;)) really does perfectly complement the occasion.
And we can’t forget the essential sunnies and cut off denim shorts to finish the look!
Hope you guys are all well and enough of me…back to you M! :D


25 August, 2013

Small Zante Haul!

Me again! (Feels like I’m invading this blog but Morag is still in town and intact, I can assure you! Haha! ;))
So whilst in Zante, I picked up a couple of small bits and bobs on my second to last day there before heading home!

The Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses- 4 Euros each

(NOTE: these are not genuine!)
I picked these Apple Green Rubber Matte ones up because of this awesome monochromatic glowing graffiti design that it has imprinted on the side, which in turn offers this uber quirky eeriness to any outfit! And I couldn’t resist letting go of yet another 4 Euros for this time, a taxi yellow block coloured pair! Oh yes! :D Plus they’re pretty hard to miss if you’re going into any touristy shop in Zante!

The Hard To Resist Jewellery- 1 Euro-4 Euros each

Its official…I’ve rekindled my relationship with anklets! :D After sighting this silver one with these beautiful stoned sea creature charms, an outfit just sprouted in my mind- so you’ll most probably be seeing this in a next outfit post! ;)
Think outside the box…I’m thinking avec socks! :D

The Fridge Magnet- 2 Euros
Our fridge is gathering up a rather sentimental display of fridge magnets…one more can’t hurt! :P

Hope you guys are making the most of the rest of your summer!! Can’t believe it’s nearly over!

23 August, 2013

Zante holiday 2013- Part 2

So here is the second half of last week’s trip to Zante, woo!! ;) (Be sure to check out the first half, if you wish! :D )

Cheeky appearance of a sea turtle ;) (At this point the boat was being tilted/ lowered on just one side for all of us to grab a closer look; though I have to say, it would have been rather nice if all of us on board were informed! Haha! :P)
Passed a wedding ceremony during the ‘I do’ moment on the lovely Greek island :’) - oh so romantic!
Friends went for a swim in the sea though lucky for me, Mother Nature decided to spring up at just that moment! Great! :/


Invaded the kid’s pool area ;) –it’s actually surprisingly the most fun aspect of the park! (Please don’t judge haha :P)
Went on some insane slides whilst on rubber rings…oh yes!
Got stopped and had our picture taken by staff what seemed like every half hour! :O OMG I know!

Took loads of ‘touristy’ pictures on the compact camera (unfortunately had to leave Mr Nikon at home L so apologies for the poor image quality guys!)
Checked out the local gift shops (Small Zante haul to come!! :D)
Rather sleazy/ baby turtles filling up almost every shelf of every shop…too cute!

Terry the turtle got deflated…RIP
Got kicked out of our room and was only able to pay to extend one of the rooms; hence slept an adventurous last couple of hours on inflatable pool lilos that we, oh yes, placed on the balcony (there was just no room…what can we say?! ;))
Short nap over and after a cheeky last minute game of chess (I’m a granny at heart really ;)) we’re out the door, returning the key and well, goodbye to Zante it is!

Shout out to Carlie, Gem, Liz, Denwit, George and Jimmy plus gold ol’ Spiffus for the best holiday ever! Love you guys! <3
Plus, if you guys have been up to anything interesting recently, I’d absolutely love to hear!! :D
So comment below if you wish,

21 August, 2013

Zante holiday 2013- Part 1

Hey guys!! :D
I cannot tell you how great it is to be back in the UK and writing to all you guys again! :D And must I add, I am back with countless horrid itchy mosquito bites, fatigue from the endless journey back and a raring mahoosive appetite for my parent’s home cooking! (Man did I miss the veg most of all though! – Anyone for cabbage? ;) )
Anyway…so I thought I’d share with you guys a daily account of my time in Zante through a series of pictures/collages that I have produced! :D

Saw a face sized Oreo tin at London Gatwick airport :O
Ate at Frankie and Benny’s and then, once finished, had delivered this fricking tasty sharing platter FOR FREE by a waiter who claimed the people who had ordered it had vanished! NICE ;)
Looking out the plane window with a dark lit interior (NAP TIME! :D)

Stayed/Arrived at the Amaryllis Hotel in Kalamaki, Room C11
Lizards were spotted everywhere!!
Settled and sunbathed ;) (NOTE! I am in no danger whatsoever! :P)
Chilled in the pool with our new addition, Terry the turtle :P
Enjoyed food at the hotel bar for the first time which entailed great, friendly service!


Took a dip in the sea
Went on pedalo’s; ours had a dodgy rocking parasol pole that literally was balanced on the rim’s edge- I mean cor, seriously not the time for acrobatics! ;)
Burnt my nose :’( Oh so painful! Haha!


Tense phone call! But…
(Well done to M (Morag) too…so proud of ya for getting into the uni of your choice!!!!)
Woo! Paint party in Laganas!
Front row with oh so much banter! ;)
Managed to get a picture taken and came back with a key ring!

Late dinner at local bar J
Star of Bethlehem? :P
Headed down the strip at 1 for one crazy night!
Got wrist bands and stamped like a zillion times at Sabotage

I decided to divide the post into two due to the mass amounts of images! So look out for the second part of this account coming your way very soon :D
Hope you guys are all well!

19 August, 2013

How I would style a LWD: (outfit post)



LWD: from Oasis

Hey again Lovelies, 

final post from me for a while AS JULIE GOT BACK TODAY :D!!! anyway as its near the end of Summer I'm sure you're all trying to fit in wearing as much white and pastel colours as possible, before switching to more heavy Autumnal colours. So this got me thinking.. how many ways can you wear a classic LWD. The list is endless. To make the LWD more casual I threw on my denim jacket (you've probably noticed this as a staple to my wardrobe) and my cowboy boots from republic last year. To dress the LWD more up I added my leopard wedges, massive feathered earrings, handmade jewellery, and a coral lipstick for a pop of colour. I was going to do a more classy look but I realised I had done that before on my lookbook. Yeah so I hope this post inspires you to whack your LWD on for maybe the last time this Summer! 

Happy Monday,

Morag x

15 August, 2013


Hello Again!

SOOOOOOO I got my results today, and I got into the uni of my choice :D! it's also mine and Sean's seven month anniversary today! AND ITS PAYDAYYYY :D! Today has been a super good day today and I couldn't be happier :) 
1.) obsessed with my lil dungarees! 
2.) adapting the Junk Journal Logo to something more 'classy'
3.) pegs finally got put up! 
4.) cheeky mid-week beverage
5.) home made cake <3
6.) Love to read this magazine before bed!
7.) Latest Nails.

Hope everyone is okay! :)

Morag x