26 December, 2013

Christmas day!

Inspired by Bela Borsodi

Oh dear, Dec's face...D:

Phone case from Babesupply design, Etsy

So I very rarely dress up on Christmas day, though this year, the powder blue scarf given to me by my sister changed everything! It is the perfect shade of blue to pair with those pastel hues, so this year, let’s just ditch the red and green…I’m going all out in pastels! ;) Its fuzzy abstract take on the sharp edge lapel makes for an intriguing collar too! Anyway, midway through watching Ant and Dec’s Christmas show- the choir part was hilarious by the way!!! Followed by Tangled, Chalet Girl & Love Actually, I was interrupted by the entrĂ©e of, the Etsy phone case, which I had ordered for my newly bought phone- my last phone lasted me 7 years…can you believe it!? I was in love with this case as it reminded me of the elaborate yet destructive display of Jessica Jackson Hutchin's ceramic armchair mixed with with my profound love for Paul Ranson’s Tapestry work (Check out Alpha and Omega Tapestry, 1895!) Moving on…

I hope everyone had a brilliant, fun Christmas! What did you guys receive/wear? I’d love to hear!