29 November, 2013


Just a quick post from me! I am back from an amazing 4 days in Venice which was compact with pleasurable trips to the art galleries and museums along with some great nights out! I have accumulated so many images taken within the Punta and Biennale and am almost thinking of creating another side blog based purely on My Life In Art? – Thoughts anyone? :P
I suppose Junk Journal could be considered more of a quite rounded lifestyle blog and so I want to give everyone something slightly more defined elsewhere that epitomises particularly fashion with art inspiration sources and personal art work/garment creations implemented alongside as this may not be to everyone’s interest.
Anyhow, have any of you guys watched Death in Venice? I was so inspired by Visconti’s visuals that literally if you were to freeze a shot at any moment, the whole composition would be stunningly perfect! Took some of my own in his style (shown above) and may I just take this time to add that I am freaking in love with Tadzio's character!! :D
I also picked up some 100% silk fabric at a discounted price- the man in there was so lovely! Thanks pal! ;)
Hope everyone is well,