07 November, 2013

DIY: Hair Bows

HEYYYYYY EVERYBODY :) this is just a super quick and easy tutorial on how to make cute hair bows!

Hot Glue Gun
Spare glue for glue gun!

1.) Lay material out, then fold in one side to how thick you want the bow, then fold over again.

2.) Cut down the side of these folds.

3.) Should leave you with this, then fold both ends in to the middle. Don't overlap them!
Hot Glue Gun them in place.

4.) Scrunch up the middle bit. (By pinching it together) Then glue gun the new folds in the middle together to get a bow shape. 

5.) Roll up a scrap of material (This will be the middle bit) and glue gun it together. 

6.) This is what you should have! now wrap the middle bit around the bow and hot glue gun the ends. 

7.) Hot glue gun it to the clip and also add a blob to each end of the clip for extra security ;) 

DONEEEEEE! although I would give it a day until you start wearing them ;) 

Hope it's a happy week :)

Morag x