17 October, 2013

Layering in Blue: Self-Made Jacket

Hi guys!
So here’s a jacket that I have designed and made in my free time which I wanted to incorporate in this outfit post as a form of layering. Recently I’ve been feeling the chill more than ever and have gravitated towards layering up, with, literally everything! I was particularly inspired by Bora Asku’s A/W 2013 collection where aesthetic connections can be extrapolated in the base and outer pieces through the use of neighbouring hues whilst maintaining uniqueness through its texture or intricate pattern differences! And breath! ;)

Looking a bit geisha-freaky here D: and slightly like that kid from the film Orphan...oh dear haha!

Made my own pattern with baking paper- it's far cheaper AND obtainable! :D

I picked this floral fabric up after initially sighting Jonathan Saunders A/W 2011 geometric wallpaper print collection from 2 years back…and was recently and non-expectantly reunited with it! Thank the Lord! ;) But to update the jacket seasonally, I decided to pair it over two blue leopard patterned items which ties in with the colour and complexity of pattern shown within the jacket! (Referring back to Asku)

T-shirt, Charity Shop, £2
Cardigan, Vintage Boutique, Gift
Jacket, Self-Made

Hope everyone is all well,