06 September, 2013

Two School Inspired Outfits

Here are two outfits with my version of quintessential ‘old school-y’ elements entwined in them!
The White Socks and shoes
With this outfit I decided to pull out a five years old Rara Skirt and tie it’s drawstrings around my neck (gosh that sounds a little violent D: ;)); though obviously and purely for reasons to create this almost V-neck/halter neck pinafore which I thought was rather interesting.

I aimed to create a child, almost doll-like look, mixing it in with an Oliver Twist-esque vintage vibe; this being very achievable with incorporating my much-loved cameo socks and bucket hat! :D

The Plaid shorts (with braces)
So for this shoot, myself and Morag decided to take a trip down the lovely River Thames; the outfit (consisting of a top with camouflage and a brightly orange stag) beautifully merges into this much loved, nature-filled surrounding! Something we like to call…our home! :’) 

Have a great week guys!! Woo, weekends nearly here! :D