10 September, 2013

My Summer Summary!

Jetted off to Zante for a girls holiday! (Check out my previous posts for more info!)


Visited Bath’s fashion museum with my Mum (includes the Laura Ashley: ‘The Romantic Heroine’ collection)

Spent an entire day in Thorpe Park with my friend, her brother and his friend haha :P …and may have gone on Swarm literally three times in a row, oops :/;).

Made a jacket from scratch (to be revealed ;)) and crammed in last minute makings of a bodysuit/netted layered jumpsuit for my college holiday homework/assignment (you guessed it- also to be revealed! ;))

Turned 18! Whoop!

Went to the Oxford Hotel for a week to train for a new job! :D Completely forgot to take a picture of my own! :L
Anyway, hope you guys had a great summer holiday too! :D
Love to hear all about it,