18 September, 2013

DIY: Grunge Nails

Helloooo lovelies! 

So as you can probably tell, both me and Julie are super busy atm, Julie's doing her Foundation Art atm and I'm getting my stuff ready for Uni, which I go to on Sunday eeeeeeeek! nervous! Yeah so I mentioned about this tutorial yonks ago in a video I did about haircare products :) -side note, I'm giving up on video's for now, and just focusing on the blog :) I would definitely experiment with this tutorial though and try it out using whatever nail varnishes you have. Let's get cracking then ;)  
what you need:

Nail Varnish Remover
2 Nail Colour Polishes
1 Clear Top coat
Cotton Ear Buds
Cotton wool

Okay so first remove any existing nail varnish, using the nail varnish remover and cotton wool. I use two types of nail varnish remover I use this one (over there <-----) to remove the nail varnish, and another one which I find helps to condition the nail. After that's done cut and file your nails.

NEXT: choose your nail varnish :) I went with Barry M Pastel Purple, and Claire's Coral colour for the contrast.

Base coat your lighter colour, and then do another layer on top depending on how opaque it is.

GRAB YOUR SPONGE: as I did Art last year I ended up using this badboy a lot for painting... however I wasn't about to waste money on cosmetic sponges for this, no sir. 
Plus I think it still did a good job!

Apply your other colour to the sponge, apply about 3 layers (do this step quickly as you don't want it to dry)

Gently but quickly place your sponge on the bottom or top of the nail, and then in a rolling motion lift off the nail, keep doing this until it blends nicely. 

choose your colour rhinestones... I went with black for more of a statement.

Now you need to apply a topcoat of clear before you apply them just so they can stick. All you do is gently press them on to your nail in the position you want.

Apply another topcoat so the rhinestones stay secure. Then clean up with this little man! ^^^^

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, let me know how it goes :)!!!!! 


Morag x