07 September, 2013

Back To School Outfit: Howlin' For You:

Shirt - GAP
Jeans - Primark
Bag Pack - Acessorize 
Socks - Topshop
Brogues - Clarks

Hey Again Lovelies,

So Julie and I both met up for a shoot and catch up yesterday :) which was lovely and we're planning more soon! :D BACK TO THE OUTFIT: my ideal school outfit is something I'm dead comfy in. I wouldn't want it clingy to my skin, so therefore I would go for baggy clothes. For some reason I always ended up wearing jeans at school, just because they're so versatile in my opinion, and you can wear them practically with anything. So this shirt which is actually pre-loved by my brother... (extra comfort factor) was perfect for the baggy look, and the jeans add the more fitted look. however to make them more casual I rolled up the bottom bit and put my brogues on. This was actually inspiration from a men's magazine, for the male "Italian look" but hey ho! I thought it worked well and would definitely use this for school wear :) I think the brogues give it that sort of laid back professional look? 
Hope you found this helpful! 

Morag x