03 September, 2013

Back to School Make-up!

It’s officially ‘Back to School’ week for some of you guys and so I thought to introduce a make-up look that’s quick and, well simples! ;)
Let us start with my bare naked face D:
Make sure to moisturise (I like to use Garnier’s Fresh 24hr deep moisturizer- It smells like a possible 2-a-day for me, referring to the grape and apple extract that’s in it! :P)
Apply foundation and conceal any blemishes or spots; then round up with some natural mineral powder-this should fix everything in place and hence prevent our make-up from sweating off of all our faces! :D

Before school, I generally become seriously rushed off my feet and so short for time…that’s when we turn to our multi-functional saviour! Oh yes, the brown eye shadow! (Haha sorry guys I built it up…you may breathe out now ;))
But literally, I use this one matte colour to thicken the appearance of my eyebrows PLUS use it as a buildable layer on my eye lids! BINGO!

And then I may have snuck in a cream/highlighter related colour too and applied it on the inner corner of my eyes; this will make you appear awake and alive people!

Draw attention to your eyes by applying a thick coat of waterproof mascara on your upper lashes! I tend to go for Maybelline Rocket Volume Express which saves me from having to faff around with curlers before school by simply kneeling down to my rather ‘much required’ demand! :P

 Apply and keep close a moisturising lip product. I’d go for either a lip balm or similarly a tinted balm such as Maybelline Baby lips, Cherry Me.

Add blush if you wish and…there you have it! Make-up covering subtle simplicity for school! :D

Hope you guys that are back at school already are having a great first couple of days! :D