29 September, 2013

Autumn Inspiration


SO I thought I would share with you all what's inspiring me this Autumn/ what sort of things I want to buy!
I hooked almost all these pics from tumblr! which I'm addicted to atm! make sure you follow me http://lost-in-a-strangeland.tumblr.com!!!! Now I'm adoring either bright red lipsticks or a darker red lipstick atm for Autumn!!! I think it really pops natural make up... and I know I like to tone down in Summer! therefore I like to make my lips bold in Autumn/Winter. I am dying for a pair of chunky boots. I mean who doesn't want massive gold buckles on them? I DEFINITELY WANT THEM >:D Now we all know what's coming up soon and that's bonfire night... (Halloween first though) and that means Sparklers! they're so cute! Autumn for me also means more coffee and tea and more walks in my new coat and scarf (outfit post soon) 

Hope you've all had a fab week and make sure to enter our giveaway!


Morag x

27 September, 2013

Outfit Post (Day/Night)

Hey guys!
So I must say, I have worn this outfit a little too excessively to college and am finding it rather hard to let go! Haha! ;) It’s one of those perfect ‘day through to night’ looks which has proved incredibly beneficial, going from college to straight away meeting friends in the pub or even going for general nights out (switching the Zara side chain bag for a clutch and whipping off my fine £2- oh yes only £2 purple jacket!) ;)

Since starting the art foundation course, I have also found that my mixing and matching of pieces has become a lot more experimental and well, wild! I suppose there’s no restriction with the whole school appropriation rule out the window and I must say, this course has given me an insight into so many inspiration sources, from the people to the content in lessons!

Let me know what your go to transitional pieces are too! :D




Multi-coloured Top, Mind (Sahara), £8 (Seen previously in haul)
Black Zipped Shorts, H&M, £15
Purple Jacket, Portabello Market, £2
Decorative Bird Bag, Zara, £35
Ring (shown left on hand), New Look, £2
Ring (shown right on hand), Boots, £1.50

24 September, 2013



so as most of you know, I'm going to uni this year! I moved in yesterday and I thought I'd take a few snaps of my room :) went out last night and I'm loving it here :)!

Hope everyone is well! 

Morag x

20 September, 2013

A Trip into Oxford and Haul!

So by using my one day of the week off ‘constructively’, I took a trip into Oxford to initially check out the Francis Bacon and Henry Moore exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum; though had I known I’d end up making slight guilty purchases, I might not have described it in that way! ;) 

Stumbled across the Antique & Craft Market and had a bit of a nosy!
Trekked down to Jericho and came back with a lighter purse…:/ haha! And so this is what I bought:

Vertical striped top, Mind (Chopsticks), £ 4
(The colour is actually of a burgundy/plum shade of red- Apologies for the poor deceiving lighting)
I feel this is such a elongating and so flattering day-to-evening piece due to its crimpled elasticised texture and vertical stripes! I love how the stripes can add a touch of sport luxe into an outfit whilst still appearing visually smart and sophisticated as a whole. The colour simply makes it the perfect transitional piece into autumn/winter in addition to it being a great piece to layer with! :D

Multicoloured space-dye top, Mind (Sahara), £8

A Tainted Love mirrored effect slogan top, Mind (unknown), £3.50

 Shaggy knitted monochrome cardigan, Primark, £16
Quirk and dominatrix intertwined into one! I love the lowly positioned buttons plus this cardigan has some serious power shoulders and a somewhat towelling texture to it too…oh so warm! :D
Nivea rich moisturising day cream, Tesco, £1.99
Design as Art Book, Oxfam, £0.50p
Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser, Boots, £5.33
The Raw Shark Texts Book, Mind, £2.50

And lastly we come to my last resort…Uncle Sam!  I had so wanted to check this shop out for so long though unfortunately he had, well,  gone fishing :’( haha! ;)

What have you guys been up to on your days off? I’d love to hear! :D


18 September, 2013

DIY: Grunge Nails

Helloooo lovelies! 

So as you can probably tell, both me and Julie are super busy atm, Julie's doing her Foundation Art atm and I'm getting my stuff ready for Uni, which I go to on Sunday eeeeeeeek! nervous! Yeah so I mentioned about this tutorial yonks ago in a video I did about haircare products :) -side note, I'm giving up on video's for now, and just focusing on the blog :) I would definitely experiment with this tutorial though and try it out using whatever nail varnishes you have. Let's get cracking then ;)  
what you need:

Nail Varnish Remover
2 Nail Colour Polishes
1 Clear Top coat
Cotton Ear Buds
Cotton wool

Okay so first remove any existing nail varnish, using the nail varnish remover and cotton wool. I use two types of nail varnish remover I use this one (over there <-----) to remove the nail varnish, and another one which I find helps to condition the nail. After that's done cut and file your nails.

NEXT: choose your nail varnish :) I went with Barry M Pastel Purple, and Claire's Coral colour for the contrast.

Base coat your lighter colour, and then do another layer on top depending on how opaque it is.

GRAB YOUR SPONGE: as I did Art last year I ended up using this badboy a lot for painting... however I wasn't about to waste money on cosmetic sponges for this, no sir. 
Plus I think it still did a good job!

Apply your other colour to the sponge, apply about 3 layers (do this step quickly as you don't want it to dry)

Gently but quickly place your sponge on the bottom or top of the nail, and then in a rolling motion lift off the nail, keep doing this until it blends nicely. 

choose your colour rhinestones... I went with black for more of a statement.

Now you need to apply a topcoat of clear before you apply them just so they can stick. All you do is gently press them on to your nail in the position you want.

Apply another topcoat so the rhinestones stay secure. Then clean up with this little man! ^^^^

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, let me know how it goes :)!!!!! 


Morag x

15 September, 2013

YSL Lipstick Giveaway!!! (In the colour of your choice)

Hey guys!

Unbelievably we've hit 100 followers to our Junk Journal in just over two months which we are so grateful for! Thank you everyone!! :D And so especially for you guys, our Dear Reader Chums (sorry- a little obsessed with Miranda’s ‘Is it just me’ book at the moment! ;)), Morag and I wanted to give you all something back… :’) oh so emotional haha!
So we’re doing a giveaway!

Check out Huda's post by clicking on the link above! She did an amazing lot of swatches of these YSL Lipsticks which just look simply incredible!!
We decided to select one of the ‘YSL Rouge Volupte Shine’ Lipsticks in the colour of your choice (referring to the colour chart below) as a giveaway prize! :D We wanted it to be personal and so we figured a high-end lipstick was the only real way to go about it ;)

Giveaway Rules:

·         Fill out the Rafflecopter Widget

·         Applicants must be from the UK or Europe
·         Applicants must also be 18 or over
·         There will be one winner
·         You must follow this blog publicly with Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin (on the right side of our blog)

·         Your comment must include the YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick colour you would like to win AND your email address so we can contact you if you win!
·         This giveaway will be open for 4 weeks/ 28 days
·         The winner will be announced on 13th October

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11 September, 2013

Rockstar? NATTTTTT (outfit post)

Denim Jacket: Trader
Peter pan collar shirt: Primark
Lace shorts: H&M
Tights: Forever 21

Helllllooooo, hope everyone is well!

Just a quick update from me! I must say that I often get "novelty" tights (in my opinion anything that isn't plain is novelty) and I struggle to match them with my clothes. So I think I managed to pair them with my most recent pair of lace shorts from H&M, and Primark shirt and (drum roll please) the staple denim jacket! Personally I don't normally wear this sort of style... but I thought it was a good idea to experiment a little with the tights, as I don't really wear them much! Hope you're having a good week so far! THANKYOU FOR OUR 100 FOLLOWERS! Julie should have a post soon on that, so stay tuned ;) 

PS any tips in matching these tights is appreciated!

Morag x 

10 September, 2013

My Summer Summary!

Jetted off to Zante for a girls holiday! (Check out my previous posts for more info!)


Visited Bath’s fashion museum with my Mum (includes the Laura Ashley: ‘The Romantic Heroine’ collection)

Spent an entire day in Thorpe Park with my friend, her brother and his friend haha :P …and may have gone on Swarm literally three times in a row, oops :/;).

Made a jacket from scratch (to be revealed ;)) and crammed in last minute makings of a bodysuit/netted layered jumpsuit for my college holiday homework/assignment (you guessed it- also to be revealed! ;))

Turned 18! Whoop!

Went to the Oxford Hotel for a week to train for a new job! :D Completely forgot to take a picture of my own! :L
Anyway, hope you guys had a great summer holiday too! :D
Love to hear all about it,