01 August, 2013

Summer Holiday 2013 Wishlist:

1.       Cotton Sun Bucket-Tub Hat, Amazon,  £8.99
I love these sorts of hats! I use to wear them all the time when I was younger, so it has in turn that fun, florally nostalgic feel to them- just re-living the childhood days I suppose! ;)
2.       Hawaii Crop Vest, Topshop, £14
I don’t tend to wear crop tops…but when there’s a holiday, there’s an exception ;) Haha! I love the slogan even if it doesn’t correspond to the place I’m off too, though if it does for you…perfect!! :D
3.       American Apparel Nylon Bum Bag, ASOS, £18
I feel the bum bag is making an almighty return. This one in particular has awesome blocks of bright, aesthetically pleasing colours and is a great lightweight, convenient alternative to my current bulky impossible-to-carry handbag! SCORE! ;)
4.       Check Kilt Skirt, ASOS, £40
So this is more of a transitional piece into A/W due to its heavy duty nature, though I just had to include it in this! (Plus it’s actually made of a polyester fabric as opposed to tartan wool :D) With its traditional Scottish heritage identity intertwined with an awesome raw and slightly rustic look, I just couldn’t say no!
5.       Black Chunky Strap Block Heel Sandals, River Island, £55
These cool chunky sandals will be sure to provide a real hard-core dominatrix/grungy toughness to any outfit. And with a thick rubber sole, they’re bound to last me FOREVER :D…soo that kinda justifies the price right? ;)
6.       Foil Print Bikini, ASDA George, Top (£8) Bottoms (£4)
Halter-necks are the only really shape that suits me and PLUS, I think I could justify it with the price too! :)
7.       Smiley Face Sunglasses, Boohoo (sale), £5
These sunglasses are so retro and quirky! It would definitely add seamlessly to my rather sparse ‘collection’ of them (Haha I actually only have one other pair! :P)

Love to hear what's on everyone else's wish list…so leave a comment if you wish! :D