07 August, 2013

Parrot Eyes: Eye Make-up tutorial :|>

Ever since I got hold of the MUA palettes (for just £4 each, must I add! :D) I may have become slightly attached to them!!
... :O I mean not so much that I’d be seen hugging them- Please don’t tell anyone! :/ ;) But yes, moving along, I thought I’d show you guys a quick summery make-up look and hairstyle that I’ve been sporting quite a lot lately! :) 
MUA Undressed & Poptastic
First I’m going to use a light champayne colour (1) and  apply it as a cream colour base. 
Then I went ahead and used the lighter shade of pink (2) and applied it to the inner crease corner; then using the same brush dap it into the darker shade of pink (3) and follow the crease line on the outer corners. Then blend!
 Use the sunny yellow colour (4) and pat it underneath the arch of your brow. To create the reddish coral on the outer corner, I found again gently patting the goldenish yellow (5) over the entire darker pink area worked beautifully. 
For more oceanic drama, (balancing the summer warm tropic colours with more galactic night cool colours) I followed up by lining the first third with a beautiful violet purple (6). Then compiling an angled brush with first a cobalt blue (7) and then a lushous indigo purple (8) I went on to line the end third of the eye, dragging it out slightly to create a subtle wing. 
Lastly line the middle third of your eyes with the emerald green (9) making sure it is blended into the purples! 

Apply your favourite eye-liner and mascara…and VOILA!

As for hair, I decided to combine sections of a general plait and fish-tail plait for a disjointed, textured Rapunzel-esque look ;) and then hair sprayed down everything using L’Oreal Paris Elnett hairspray!

Hope you guys are all well! J