11 August, 2013

Holiday Packing Aid- Summer edition

“Let’s get down to it!” Is what I keep saying to myself. And cor did I surprised myself when I packed the day before than actually on the day! Haha! ;) (Okay, yes it’s still pretty terrible but anyway…)
So I divided everything into categories so that it becomes so so quick and easy to pack! :D
Swimwear: For my 6 night holiday, I decided to give each style its fair share of fresh air by plucking out 1 BIKINI, 1 TANKINI & 1 SWIMSUIT!! :D 

Shoes, Hats and Accessories: I tend to like to stick to flats…though when a raffia weave wedge comes into view…it’s time to drop that normality and negotiate! ;) And as for bags (for 6 nights go halves) I generally bring 1 (EVENING) CLUTCH, 1 DAY BAG & 1 BEACH BAG. 

CLOTHING: I prefer to stick with baggy, loose fitting thin fabrics…though if you’re heading to a cold part of town I’m pretty sure you wanna adjust that to your needs!

TOILETRIES: This is really just a necessity! Aim to take travel size bottles though if you’re like me and pack the day before, DON’T SWEAT! - We always have the airport guys!! :P 

Hand luggage/ handbag: I like to have my make-up, electronic goods, and other stuff (books, food (I might have left all not entirely photographed- it’s shameful!) and a purse) close to me!
Sorry this post was really brief but I hope you guys have a great holiday if you’re going away too!! Let me know about your packing experiences- love to hear!!
See ya in a week <3