27 August, 2013

Holi (Festival of Colours) Outfit ft My Sister!

So yesterday I meant to put up my 18th birthday blog post for you all (woo I’m officially 18!! ;)) though I have annoyingly lost the USB lead allowing me to import them onto the computer! :/ Soo I thought…why not feature my sister’s exciting trip to London for the Holi Festival of Colours on the blog with a very own video she made! :D




I’ve never actually been to a festival before, but I really do think Lisa has totally nailed the whole festival vibe in her look!! Congrats sis-you passed! Haha! ;) A white top to act as a blank canvas along with brightly coloured jewellery in serious mass quantities (only to match her very own rainbow nails of course ;)) really does perfectly complement the occasion.
And we can’t forget the essential sunnies and cut off denim shorts to finish the look!
Hope you guys are all well and enough of me…back to you M! :D