29 July, 2013

Sweeten up your summer!

Here are a few things I’ve become perhaps a little too hooked on since entering those summer days! ;) Ever had that when you’re constantly reaching for the same thing…and then it’s, well gone!?
Number one: SCRABBLE! – Can you help us? ;) Haha! I’ve also recently rediscovered my obsession with JELLY BEANS…though not just any, oh yes, the traditional gourmet ones! :D   
Fancy as it sounds, I’m only there and grabbing it from the shop’s shelf, staring wide eyed at it like a 5-year-old kid because it contains the most ‘coolest’ flavours. A bit like the Harry Potter’s ‘Every Flavour Beans’ but let’s call it…the Muggle version!
From left: B 322, LYCHEE 314, GUAVA 321, KEY LIME 321

And of course I found any excuse to include these ‘GELLY’ NAIL PAINTS with it being a AHEM* homophone (haha, get me ;)) but the pigmentation and application of these are really just fantastic! Thank you Barry M for this great range of polishes! :)

…then there’s NECKLACES! Gold, Silver, fabric, shiny…aah! I end up brushing my hand over the iridescent fish scale sequins, the multicolour zebra feather and silky fabric a little too excessively- bit inappropriate I know :L ;) but you’ve gotta appreciate it’s craftsmanship and aesthetics somehow! 

Jewellery from top: GOLD NECKLACE, TOPSHOP, £12

As for make-up...the bronzer lives up to its expectations! I actually apply it as a blusher these days (sorry Revlon PhotoReady cream blusher in 100…it was about time :P) to give that slightly shimmery desirable bronzed look. Also I go for a BB cream or reach for my foundation with SPF in, particularly my Revlon PhotoReady foundation which has SPF20 in J 

Lastly the RAFFIA VISOR! Oh and the, once again, gold baseball cap (sorry, you’ve seen the gold cap rather repetitively in previous posts :L) It has a sense of the summer sport, tennis…yay to Andy Murray’s win :D and is a textured funky piece of headgear that will protect you against those harmful sun rays!

                     VISOR, PRIMARK, £2
And how about a cold drink to finish off the blog post :D

Hope your summer’s going well and would love to hear what everyone’s ‘go to’ random things are for the summer too! So leave a comment if you wish! :D